A Dozen Cousins

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Founder, Ibraheem grew up in a large family of 10 children in Brooklyn, NY. His family gatherings centered around food. Ibraheem has actually worked in marketing in the health food industry for years working with brands like Annie’s, but realized he would work for these healthy conscience brands, but not eat healthy when he came home from work. A Dozen Cousins stemmed not only from Ibraheem’s love of food, but also his desire to fill a void of healthy, quick, and culturally authentic food in supermarkets. The brand’s name is inspired by Ibraheem’s daughter, who became the 12th cousin in the family.



A Dozen Cousins brings a marriage or Black and Latin cultures to your table in the easiest way possible, the microwave. All products are made with real beans, real vegetables and fresh spices. They recommend using their beans to make veggie bowls, tacos, chilli. A Dozen Cousins’s goal is to complete your entire dinner plate with a healthy meal on those nights you just can’t do it on your own from scratch.

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