posted by Lauren Randolph

While pregnant with her son, Lilian noticed a lack of pure and delicious snacks that also provided enough energy for mums on the go without all the “extras.”.  Lilian wanted something that was rich in protein and vitamins, but still could satisfy her taste buds as well as her hunger. At 3 weeks postpartum Mumgry was born. Not only did Lilian create a protein rich and delicious snack, but a company that strives to give back to the planet, individuals and communities. 

When we first received our jars of Mumgry, we couldn’t stop using them. Peanut butter waffles in the morning, sandwiches for launch and apples with chocolate peanut butter for snack. It was the perfect snack no matter the time of day. The variety of nuts add a unique but simple deliciousness to every jar.  We hope you find as much delight in this product as we did!

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