March 2022 Collection

posted by Lauren Randolph

Meet our March 2022 artisans! We're excited to share with you an amazing group of female founders for Women's History Month. Each one has either followed their passion to create their business or saw a need in the market and made it their mission to fill the gap. From breakfast (peanut butter waffles are a favorite in our house) to snack time to dinner and dessert, you'll find a well rounded variety of items for meal time in this month's box. We hope you enjoy! 

Bon Apetit!
Lauren, Jordan + Grace


IG: itsnolasnack

It's Nola Founder Margaret

Margaret’s journey with It’s NOLA started as a search for a yummy plant-based snack that was both healthy and nourishing. After diving deeper into the ingredients of her favorite “healthy” snacks, she realized that most bars marketed as healthy were misleading. Margaret began with making granola at home, but found it to be messy and hard to carry in her purse. Enter NOLA’s granola balls.  These power packed snacks provide energy, are easy to transport, and don’t crumble. Margaret, a college professor, tested her product on her students, who (not surprisingly) loved them! 

Just like Margaret’s students, we immediately felt the difference snacking on It’s NOLA’s energy balls. Her three delicious flavors will sustain you whether you need a mid morning pick me up, post workout snack or something for a late night study session. 

IG: mumgry

Mumgry Founder Lilian

While pregnant with her son, Lilian noticed a lack of pure and delicious snacks that also provided enough energy for mums on the go without all the “extras”.  Lilian wanted something that was rich in protein and vitamins, but could still satisfy her taste buds as well as her hunger. At 3 weeks postpartum Mumgry was born. Not only did Lilian create a protein rich and delicious snack, but a company that strives to give back to the planet, individuals and communities. 

When we first received our jars of Mumgry, we couldn’t stop using them. Peanut butter waffles in the morning, sandwiches for lunch and apples with chocolate peanut butter for snack. It was the perfect food no matter the time of day. The variety of nuts add a unique, but simple deliciousness to every jar.  We hope you find as much delight in this product as we did!

POKS Spices
IG: @poksspices

Poks Spices Founder Abena

Abena grew up as the sous chef to her father, a true farm to table chef and farmer who taught his daughter how to use the West African holy trinity of spices: chili pepper, ginger and onion or garlic (or even both). Abena has taken these lessons and turned them into a business that strives to educate Americans on West African spices and show that West African cuisine has so much more to offer than jollof rice. West African spices and foods offer bold flavors similar to those found in Indian, Mexican and Cajun food. In fact, you may have experienced these flavors yourself in other American foods and cuisines thanks to the introduction of the Holy Trinity through the slave trade.

We encourage you to visit the POKS website where you’ll find dozens of recipes from professional chefs using POKS unique and award winning spice blends. These recipes cover an array of cuisines to fit everyone’s palette. Oh and we’ve shared all three levels of spiciness with you, but beware the extra spicy is that for sure. We love sprinkling the spices on roasted veggies, in our chili and honestly anything else that calls for what we’d usually use similar seasonings in.

Sip and Sonder
IG: @sipandsonder

Sip and Sonder Co Founders

The powerhouse female founders of Sip and Sonder both attended ivy league schools and later met while practicing law at the same firm. Both still practicing attorneys, they joined forces to create what is now Sip and Sonder Coffee. Not only does Sip and Sonder offer beautifully packaged and delicious roasts, but you can visit their brick and mortar shop in Inglewood, California. In their shop they bring a sense of community and culture where everyone can simply exist, grab a cup of coffee, connect, create, and put sonder into action.

We knew we’d love Sip and Sonder as soon as we saw it’s stylish packaging. And it only got better once we opened the bag to grind and roast the beans. You’ll find a delicious medium and light roast that are both great for brewing any time of day.

Tubby’s Cookies
IG: @tubbystaste

Tubby's Cookies Founder Danielle

Danielle, a native of Miami, grew up surrounded a variety of colors, flavors and a cuisine that was heavily influenced by her Jamaican family. They has fresh sugar cane and coconut trees in their yard and she jokes that her mom had multiple mango vendors depending on the season. From an early age, her mother and aunt put her to work in the kitchen chopping and prepping for the Jamaican cake orders they received. She wasn't a fan of being their kitchen helper as a child, but as she grew older, she began experimenting with baking on her own. Never one for traditional American flavors, she turned back to her Jamaican roots to figure out how her cookies would taste.

Tubby’s Taste of Paradise cookie is not your typical vegan cookie. The cane sugar and coconut combine with each bite giving them a real home-baked feel.  Tubby’s Home Sweet Home cookie is deliciously unique with flavors of mango, coconut, and lime. You can leave them on your counter to eat, but Danielle also suggests freezing them until you're ready to eat them to keep the freshness lasting longer. 


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