Current Collection's Artisans

California Coffee Company
IG: @thecalicoffee

kin collective california coffee company rashaan

Since our house is big on coffee we're always looking for new favorites. California Coffee Company founder Rhasaan Nichols draws inspiration for his unique and bold flavors from his South American and African heritage. His coffee is roasted to order in California and guaranteed fresh! You are sure to love it as much as we do and add it to your growing rotation.  And if you're in Southern California, check our they first brick and mortar at Sherman Oaks mall.

Cocoa Asante
IG: @cocoaasante

kin collective cocao asante chocolates

Cacao Asante’s mission is to bring the exquisite flavor of West African chocolate to the rest of the world. Using ingredients sustainably sourced from Ghana, Ella Livingston has created a chocolate so smooth and delicious it has to be tasted to be believed. The packaging and presentation of the product is as equally amazing as the taste. You'll be as obsessed as we are!  

Ekaterra Spices
IG: @ekaterraco

kin collective ekaterra spices

Affiong Osuchukwu founded Ekaterra to share her passion for rediscovering indigenous ingredients used by her West African ancestors. These spices are locally foraged directly from the source and prepared using traditional methods such as sun drying. We used the Native All Purpose Mix on some fresh Tuna and were surprised by the complexity of the flavors.     

Emblem Olive Oil
IG: @emblemoliveoil

kin collective emblem olive oil

Noticing a lack of representation in the olive oil industry, founder Chastity Pritchett started Emblem Olive Oil to shine a spotlight on the many health benefits of olive oil to her community. Emblem offers pure extra virgin olive oil along with some creative infused flavors such as spicy cajun and fresh lemon.      



kin collective pipsnacks

Jeff was helping his sister Jenn move into her Chicago  apartment when they took a break to pop a tiny bag of heirloom popcorn that Jenn had purchased. It was so  delicious that they kept making more, mostly because it was the first time Jen (who suffered from multiple corn and food allergies) could actually enjoy popcorn! After devouring all the kernels they had, they tracked down the farmer who grew the corn in Indiana to make Pipcorn. Pipcorn quickly grew thanks to Smorgasbourg, Brooklyn, and Oprah’s list and was re branded to Pipsnacks to include other healthy corn based snacks. 

You may be used to larger popcorn kernels, but these small  heirloom corn kernels pack a big flavor punch you are sure enjoy. Everything in the Pipsnacks line is delicious and the perfect snack for a night out at the movies or home on your couch.

stay fresh

kin collective stay fresh candle company

stay fresh was born in the late 90s as a hip hop music label created by rapper and musician Kenan Bell. The name was meant to remind him (and others) to always be current and open to fresh perspectives. With the help of his partner Christina (a licensed aesthetician) this team created the perfect natural products that include candles, soap, and bath salts. You might recognize the stay fresh brand from one of our prior boxes that included their candles. Like the candles, stay fresh soaps include natural ingredients like sea kelp and activated charcoal.