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Abena grew up as the sous chef to her father, a true farm to table chef and farmer who taught his daughter how to use the West African holy trinity of spices: chili pepper, ginger and onion or garlic (or even both). Abena has taken these lessons and turned them into a business that strives to educate Americans on West African spices and show that West African cuisine has so much more to offer than jollof rice. West African spices and foods offer bold flavors similar to those found in Indian, Mexican and Cajun food. In fact, you may have experienced these flavors yourself in other American foods and cuisines thanks to the introduction of the Holy Trinity through the slave trade.

We encourage you to visit the POKS website, you’ll find dozens of recipes from professional chefs using POKs unique and award winning spice blends. These recipes cover an array of cuisines to fit everyone’s palette. Oh and we’ve shared all three levels of spiciness with you, but beware the extra spicy is that for sure. We love sprinkling the spices on roasted veggies, in our chili and honestly anything else that calls for we’d usually use similar seasonings in.

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