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Ashleigh Evans was a food blogger long before foodie Instagram and the current “foodie” trend. She had a reputation for creating recipes on local TV for her community and followers of her blog to enjoy. Once the blogging industry changed, Ashleigh decided to change with it. She started a Snapchat account (“Saturday Sips”) where she’d share weekly Saturday cocktail recipes with friends and followers. She’d instruct everyone on what ingredients to buy every Saturday morning, then have everyone make them together that evening.The more she did this, the more she enjoyed coming up with unique cocktail recipes, but folks were having trouble finding all the ingredients locally. This led to Ashleigh to infusing and dehydrating fresh herbs and fruits to make the perfect cocktail base for her followers.

6 months she grew so quickly that she needed a bigger space and now has her own warehouse and storefront in Michigan, in case you’re nearby.

The InBooze cocktail mixes can be enjoyed with or without alcohol, the choice is yours, but either way this is something you’ll truly enjoy. On her website you'll find a range of cocktail options, but since it’s the holidays, we picked a holiday special to share with you all. And let us tell you, it’s delicious. Not too sweet or too dry, it’s the perfect holiday gingerbread drink in a cup. It was such a hit at our recent holiday family gathering that we ran out!

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