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Dame Sannae takes it back to the basics. She sources the ingredients for all of her natural skincare products from local farmers throughout Los Angeles. Everything is made fresh or ordered in small batches to retain their full nutritional and healing benefits. But it’s not all about skincare. Dame understands that in order to truly feel confident and sexy in your own skin, each client needs to educate themselves on their body’s unique composition. She’s learned that too often her clients don’t know what their skincare products contain and are unaware of all the unnecessary ingredients included. 

Dame Body Butter is a quadruple butter blend that’s creamy, fluffy and just the right bit of moisture for your skin. If you’re looking for more products by Dame Sanne, you can visit her Inglewood store, but may miss her as she splits her time between LA and Alabama with her partner. Although she misses LA, she’s excited to now have the land and space to learn to grow her own herbs on a farm and continue to experiment and create new products for her clients. And good news, she can always ship directly to you!

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