REMIX Waffles

posted by Lauren Randolph


Waffles were a part of Ryan Bonaparte’s family tradition. Every time he visited his uncle, he was treated to the most delicious waffles he had ever tasted, made from scratch by the master himself. It was this experience growing up that set Ryan off on a quest to find the best waffle recipe the world had to offer. Rather than going straight to the source for his secret recipe, Ryan started experimenting on his own. The avid learner (he’s an MIT graduate with a master’s degree from Columbia!) decided to tackle this the way he knew best: through studying and experimentation. After spending weeks eating waffles at all hours of the day, he found his perfect recipe, and Remix Waffles was born. Today, there’s a waffle mix to fit every taste bud and be remixed however you’d like (and yes, they’re all uncle approved).


We first ordered Remix Waffles because we loved Ryan’s philosophy: Create a waffle mix to make your own. Whether you add syrup, fruit, or chocolate, this waffle mix is the perfect foundation for play. As waffles are a go-to breakfast favorite in our home, this was a hit. We added cinnamon, nutmeg and bananas and each time delighted in how the additions complemented the original flavor of the mix. 

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