Ivyees Honey

posted by Lauren Randolph


A software engineer at a Fortune 500 company turned beekeeper in Jamaica, Ivyee has the story of a Hollywood dreamer. After yearning for more from corporate America, Ivyee left her 19 year engineering career to move to Jamaica and immerse herself in the business of bees and natural hair and skin care products. After three years abroad, she returned to start Ivyees. Ivyee’s knowledge of the health benefits of natural honeys from around the world is more than impressive. Not only did Ivyee immerse herself in beekeeping, but she also studied chemistry to create the best life-enhancing, honey-based products available. You’ll want to follow her closely as she’ll be opening some brick and mortar shops soon.


Each of the Ivyees honeys have never been heated or strained so as to retain all the natural flavor and healing benefits of nutrient rich honey. Ivyee spends years developing, balancing, and mixing each of her products herself before bringing them to customers. We were so awed by each flavor, we decided to give you a sampling of all three in the box (although we must say the Creamed Floral & Ginger raw honey is really something special and a truly indulgent experience!). 

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