Red Bay Coffee

posted by Lauren Randolph


Keba Konte is an artist who first used coffee as a way to share his art when he opened his first cafe. Eventually his dreams grew into creating diversity and better wage opportunities in the coffee industry. Although art is still a large part of his life, Red Bay Coffee has taken over and grown by leaps and bounds. Keba strives to create a high-quality, sustainable coffee and a company that is known for its inclusion and diversity within all levels of his team. And when Keba says diversity is important, he truly means it. His team is made up of people of color, formerly incarcerated team members, women, and people with disabilities.


Everyone loves the smell of coffee, right? Well, Red Bay coffee does not disappoint. We could use the bags as air fresheners throughout our home, it smells so delicious! And once you’ve ground the beans and roasted this coffee, it’s even better. We initially tried the Brazilian Cake Lady, a medium roast that can easily be sipped black. And for coffee drinkers desiring something richer and more full bodied, we’ve included East Fourteenth Street, a coffee bean grown at high altitude that has traveled from Tanzania and Ethiopia as part of a co-op that provides direct trade opportunities for farmers to coffee roasters. 

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