Sol Cacao

posted by Lauren Randolph

I’m officially obsessed with these chocolate bars from brothers Daniel, Nicholas, and Dominic.  When they were young, the trio moved to the US from Trinidad and Tobago. Daniel, Nicholas and Dominic quickly realized that the chocolate here was not the same as back home. Their mother would make them cacao tea, a staple from back home, but it just didn’t taste the same. As they grew older, they’d spend their time watching cooking shows and decided that one day they would somehow work in the food industry. Through research they discovered that their grandparents were part of a 400-year history of Caribbean cacao farmers, and unfortunately,  Caribbean cacao farmers were aging out of the industry.  

Today, beans are shipped from around the world to Sol Cacao’s Bronx factory where they are roasted and mixed into unique chocolate bars with only 2 ingredients. Through Sol Cacao the brothers continue their family’s legacy in chocolate creations while also working with local schools and the community to teach and inspire a new generation of chocolatiers.

Upon first receiving these chocolate bars we were impressed by the beautiful artwork on the packaging, then even more impressed by the delicious and full flavors of the bars; each one with unique nodes from their country of origin similar to fine wines. And once we learned of all the health benefits of their bars (antioxidants, mood elevating, lowering of blood pressure) we no longer felt guilty for eating the entire bar!!

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