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Cortney grew up without ever tasting home-cooked pancakes. But after his first breakfast at his mother-in-law’s house, he knew he had to introduce her delicious pancake recipe to the world. And that’s exactly what Cortney and Christian (husband and wife founders of Vicky Cakes) did. When asked what made those pancakes so special that day, Cortney reminisced about the atmosphere and recalled Vicky herself whipping up her pancakes in a cast iron skillet to achieve the perfect balance of fluffiness and crispy edges with ease.


Vicky Cakes are vegan friendly (even loved by vegan queen Tabitha Brown!), but they don’t stop there. Whether you cook them vegan style or with all the dairy options, you can still achieve an easy to make and delicious pancake. We learned that even Vicky prefers to use her mix rather than make her pancakes from scratch. Yes, they’re that good. When we made these ourselves, we did so with a regular skillet, but the second time around we used a cast iron in an attempt to achieve the same famous balance of crisp edges with a fluffy center. Mission accomplished! For some extra flavor, try adding cinnamon, nutmeg, or fresh fruit. 

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