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Don’t call Dondre Anderson and Symphony Chips a small business, what he's built is much more than that. Symphony Chips was originally a spice company started with his father’s recipes. As retired chef, his father who worked in hotels, restaurants and banquet halls in  Las Vegas was constantly coming up with spices to serve his guests. One day Dondre’s dad whipped up some eggs for him, but not your regular eggs, he had added one of his specialty spices. It was at this moment that Dondre knew they had something. 

In the early 2000s Dondre started with spice demos in grocery stores and their most popular demo, potatoes fried on the spot with their seasoning on top. The potato chips were such a hit that all anyone wanted were the chips with the spices already on it. Come 2010 Symphony Chips was launched in stores and online in 2017. And Dondre only took the company up from there. In  2020 Tabitha Brown posted about their chips and their sales skyrocketed to 2,000 / day and them came Good Morning America which took them to 10,000 order in just one day. And after speaking with Dondre Anderson, I know it’s only a matter of time before you’ll find these chips across the country in a store near you.


We quickly devoured all three flavors of chips when they arrived as we’re sure you’ll do too. <<TALK ABOUT CHIP TASTES AND FLAVORS) And what got us even more excited was to learn that Symphony will soon be introducing a line of spices, pastries and more chip flavors. Check back here soon as we’ll be selling them on our website.

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