Partake Foods

posted by Lauren Randolph


Denise Woodward, Partake’s passionate Black female founder & CEO created her company after her daughter was diagnosed with extreme food allergens. She had to resourcefully create a healthy snack for her daughter to eat that was quick and delicious. The Woodwards were disappointed by the number of existing snack options, which is why Denise ended up quitting her corporate job at Coca-Cola to build Partake. 

Partake is also passionate about community involvement. Not only is Partake in collaboration with the Food Equality Initiative to make sure families in need have access to necessities, they are also advocates for Black and brown individuals who want to get into the consumer packaged goods industry. Partake also has a special program for HBCU students interested in the food & beverage industry. 


Honestly, when we first tried Partake cookies, we had no idea they were made for people with food allergies. You’ll be surprised to know the cookies are not only vegan, but free from the top 8 allergens. We just thought, wow, these are really delicious snackable cookies and loved the fun packaging. But as we learned more about the company and their mission and tried more flavors, we knew we had to share Partake cookies with you all. We think you’ll enjoy them as much as we did.

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