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Akua Kyerematen Nettey was born and raised in Oklahoma, but she grew up drinking a traditional West African hibiscus drink called Bissap that her mom would make fo her. The delicious and unique flavor of her childhood drink never left her memory and in 2014 she started  thinking about a way to make, bottle and share her childhood drink with the masses. By 2016 she started small steps to making this her full time job by attending Farmers Markets in Oklahoma City, OK. She knew if they loved it there, she’d have a worldwide hit.



After a move to NY, getting married and having a child, Akua decided to leave her corporate banking life and go all in on Berry Bissap. Thanks to all the press and recognition of Black-owned businesses in 2020, Berry Bissap has grown and Akua started receiving calls from her dream stores like Whole Foods and even started selling direct to customers online. Berry Bissap’s mission is to introduce this centuries old West African beverage to the United States and educate consumers on how the hibiscus flower actually made it to new shores, through the slave trade.


Once you’ve tried this delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, we know that you too will be hooked. And Akua is proud that even her mom loves her drink despite Akua altering the recipe to make it a little bit healthier. 

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