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posted by Lauren Randolph

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Jah is a tastemaker. Born Jahphet Negast Landis in 1984 in the city of Colón, Panama to a beloved rastafarian elder and loving mother. He grew up in New York. Jah built a successful career in the music industry as a drummer, producer, and DJ. While he toured the world, his mother would mail him hot sauce and his friends would always ask, “where’s Jah Mama’s sauce” when they gathered. The sauce became so popular that it led to collaborations with establishments like Side Pie Pizza and Uncle Paulie’s and garnered a cult followingAfter she passed away in 2018 he made it his mission to figure out her recipe. With the help of his Aunt and Cousin, he was able to recreate a part of his childhood with Jah Mama’s Hot Sauce.


For us, Jah Mama’s reminded us of some of our favorite hot sauces we’d have while traveling the Caribbean. The distinct, simple, yet amazing island hot sauce style that truly makes everything taste better! From eggs in the morning, to tacos for lunch and or soup for dinner. No matter what it is, Jah Mama’s compliments it well.


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