Exau Olive Oil

posted by Lauren Randolph

Exau Olive Oil was started by the husband and wife team Skyler and Giuseppe who met by chance in Rome one weekend. Sklyer, an Oakland native, was interning in Barcelona and hopped over to Rome for the weekend where she met Giuseppe, who was visiting Rome from his home in Southern Italy. The two navigated a cross-continental long distance relationship until Giuseppe moved to Oakland, California.  

While living in the states together, Sklyer became more and more unhappy with her career in architecture and the slow growth of the industry as well as the lack of a creative outlet. After shopping at their local market, Giuseppe commented that the only available olive oil was mediocre and all from the same region of Italy. Giuseppe has high standards when it comes to olive oil as his family has been growing and producing their own olive oil for their family and friends for over 100 years. It was then he pitched Sklyer on quitting her job and starting an olive oil business using his family's production. Skyler hesitated at first before she decided to try out, but first worked for a friend's winery to see if she’d like the process. Turned out she loved it and Exau Olive Oil was born. Exau Olive Oil is harvested from multi-generational trees; some planted by Giuseppe’s grandfather, some by his father, and now some trees planted by them.

We were so excited to receive our sleek, beautiful bottle of olive oil and give it a try. And after tasting it, we wholeheartedly agree with Giuseppe; there is a difference in olive oils depending on region and quality. In just a drop you could taste the complexity of this product, fruitiness, full, pungent and more. You won't go back to your regular old grocery store olive oil after this. You can find the full tasting notes on their website.

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